Indonesia visa requirements

1. Before you travel

There are different rules for different foreign visitors to Indonesia. Most countries get a free 30 day visa while other countries need to apply for a visa before travelling.

Regardless what country you are from and what visa you will be getting there are a few things every foreign visitor needs before travelling to Indonesia.

A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Indonesia.
A passport that has at least one complete blank page.
Proof of a return flight or onward flight out of Indonesia.
If the immigration officer has a suspicion that you may abuse the free visa you might also be asked for proof of sufficient funds to stay in Indonesia for the duration of your visa.

The Indonesia Visa is counted per day, not per night. Your first day and last day are included in the 30 day calculation. Even if you enter Indonesia at 23:55h (11:55pm), the last 5 minutes before midnight will still be considered a full day. The same for your departure.

This visa is for a single entry visit. Every time you exit and re-enter Indonesia you will get a new 30 day free visa.

2. Indonesia Visa Free Entry for 169 countries

Nationals of 167 countries and 2 special regions can get a free 30-day non extendable visa.

This 30 day free Indonesia visa is valid for the purpose of;

Leisure and tourism.
Art and Cultural.
Government visits.
Giving a lecture or attend a seminar.
Attend a meeting held by Head office or Representative office in Indonesia.
While in transit on the way to another country.
Source; This 30 day free visa cannot be used for journalism. It is not extendable and you cannot convert the visa into a different visa.

169 countries free visa
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Visitors from these 169 countries can both enter AND exit through 29 airports, 88 harbours and 7 land borders.

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